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“What kind of smuggler takes aboard strays?” a grizzled humanoid asked, his slick tendrils reached out to the child.

               “Don’t touch him Derg, there is potential in this one.” The shaggy smuggler answered. His shipmate eyed him cautiously, thinking twice about the outcome if he decided to push the issue. He decided his head best was best where it currently was.

    The child had been huddled in the corner his left side covered in a strange animal’s blood. He hadn’t moved throughout the time they spoke, nor had he made a peep. He shook a bit with a nervous tension, unsure of those that stood before him. The warm liquid slowly pooling at his bunched-up legs.

    Derg watched the child out of the corner of his fifth eye as the others turned to look at the captain, his sharpened claws scraped against the inner hull of the silent ship, “You can’t be serious Kern, this little whelp hardly can do naught but shiver just when he looks at us, he’s just an animal.”

    “If I recall we are supposed to be scary, and you aren’t exactly the most hospitable… creature. Besides, this child has to have some spunk if he could kill a Void Harp.” His number two grunted before his heavy footfalls began retreating from the hard surface. He could audibly be heard swearing under his breath at the captain, the word idiot was tossed around, but he wouldn’t fight it.

    The captain turned toward the child who beyond shivering had been paying attention to the captain and his shipmate with focused eyes. Kern extended what could only be described as a bone covered hand, in an attempt at hospitality, his plantigrade armor laden legs bent slowly in an attempt not to scare the child. The smuggler had not seen such a creature in his travels yet, it was something new, and in those first moments he saw the child he knew could see concentration and pure savagery in his alien eyes. He could already tell this creature could be cold and calculating in its ability to fight, to survive and thrive. He knew he would take him in, and this would be the first time he let a stow away live.


    The child furrowed its brow, unsure of what stood before him, but as it reached its arm out he found a certain… familiarity about the way it was interacting with him. He extended his arm slowly, still shaking from his previous encounter and touched the creatures hand, briefly recoiling from the contact. Eventually his hand wrapped around the creatures, he didn’t know why but it was comforting. It seemed intrigued with him, and though he couldn’t understand what they had been saying before, he knew he had to try to interact.

    “M-my name is Stephen.” He pointed at his chest, “STE-PHEN.” He said more loudly and slowly. He moved his hand to the creatures hide in an inquisitive manor, ushering the creature to reveal its name. It seemed completely taken aback by the fact that he was trying to talk to it. It let out a low grumble, then a bit of a screech. Stephen winced at the sound, and the creature reared back a bit.


    By Krendax this alien had tried to interact with him, the smuggler was flabbergasted, as weird noises came from the hole on its face, “I can’t understand you, what are you saying?” he thought for a moment, clicking his talons on the floor, suddenly his eyes lit up and attempted to motion at the child to stay put, before he ran off. Ten minutes later he reappeared holding an orb with tendrils draping out of it. “This has been in storage for a while, I found it on Scandarr 4. This will not be pleasant, please bear with me.” He kept talking but it was more for himself than for the child.


    The alien creature had returned with a rounded device with menacing tentacles coming out of it, Stephen wondered if it was for harvesting of some sort, before realizing the creature could have don’t that while they stood there looking at each other. The creature was making clicking noises with its mouth for a bit while looking down at the device and fiddling with it. It motioned for him to come closer, and as he moved the alien grabbed him by the arm and placed the tentacle on the back of his head. He felt a burning sensation before a blinding pain directed at the base of his skull, he could feel the tentacle digging into his brain and he began to scream. The ordeal lasted for several minutes and he had gone fetal when suddenly it stopped, and the alien pulled the device away from him. Stephen immediately reached for the back of his head, but felt nothing there, not a hole or anything.

    “Are you ok? Are you still experiencing any pain?” the creature spoke to him softly, “I apologize, but it’s the only thing I had to bridge the speech gap between us, it’s a prototype.” He stated.

    Stephen’s eyes went wide, realizing that he could understand the creature suddenly. He stood up and looked at the creature before stuttering out a “I’m f-fine.”

    “Good boy, I knew you had it in you.” Stated the captain, with what could only be described as a grin on his toothy mouth.

    Stephen winced a bit at the sight, “w-where am I.” he managed to force out.

    “I call this vessel the gnarled Cragscar. She’s my pride and joy. She’s a smugglers vessel boy, I tend to make deals with the wrong kind of people for the right kind of money, how do you feel about that?” he eyed Stephen intently.

    “So, you are like Han Solo.” The boy inquired.

    “Han who?” the captain said with his head tilted.

    Of course, the alien wouldn’t know about human pop culture, Stephen thought, “never mind, what do you smuggle.”

    “various wears and valuable minerals, from time to time when I find myself in a unique potion I smuggle weapons.”

    The boy nodded seemingly intrigued, “ And how fast is this ship?”

    “It’s not the fastest ship out there, only a few thousand times the speed of light, but it has a slipspace generation unit, it can create temporal bubbles in flight to protect from most forms of collision and attack, which is the newest form of shielding. It’s also far more armored than it may appear. This ship isn’t built for speed, it’s built for protection and stealth, which is why we are wondering how you got onto this ship with our cloak and shield up?”

    Stephen fiddled with something on his belt, something that pulsed with energy before shorting out. Kern looked the tech and furrowed his brow. Stephen pursed his lips before clicking his tongue, he’d made the decision to tell him, “My people have been nomadic for thousands of years in the universe. We are a people that like to stay with each other and help each other. We were attacked by a ship that we had not seen before and attempted to flee, and before the ship exploded this artifact from our great wars was given to me by my mother.”

    Kern looked at the boy, “How did you survive child? How did you get here?”

    The boy pressed a few buttons on the device then turned a dial on it and it shrieked to life, making the captain close his eyes in pain, and when he opened them the boy was gone. He felt the spot the boy was at before and came up empty thinking it might be a personal cloaker, before a hand pushed through the wall next to where the boy stood and soon the boys head followed. “The first time I had ever seen this used was when our ship was attacked. We were hopelessly outgunned and our rail weaponry failed to stop the slaughter. My father put this on and began tearing out the different creature’s diverse organs determined to stop them, but as they retreated he was hit by a stray bolt.” The boy felt along the tech’s edges and dial, “He showed me how to use it in his last few moments and told me to run, so I did, onto the intruder’s ship. I’ve been trying to find my way to the last known coordinates of another Terra Prime ship.”

    The captain’s talon reached to the back of his head and made a motion akin to what humans do deep in thought, “Well, that’s quite a story, but now we have to decide what to do with a little stow away like you. My shipmate wants to kill you, save the trouble of taking care of you, but I think if I give you the chance you will take care of yourself. I think you can become a nice addition to my crew, and if along the way we come across a human ship perhaps I’ll let them know we are carrying someone of theirs, that is if you can work off your debt to me before then.”

    Stephen thought for a moment, his left hand caressing his right arm in a nervous motion. In the back of his head he had a thousand thoughts, all seemed to be negative, but then the only voice that mattered spoke, “So I’d be a slave?”

    “Call it what you’d like boy, but I’m giving you a chance, join my crew or be ejected.”

    The boy put his hands to the back of his head as he stared at his feet, almost as if he was deciding between his options, “Ok… sir.”

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